Friday, June 11, 2010



Don't forget that this Saturday (as in tomorrow) the new practice time starts.


12:30 - 2 pm  First practice -- Ronda will be there along with the usual suspects
3-6    Second practice with Ronda, Gary Butts and Victor Ortiz

3-6   Blinky, Ronda, Gary and Victor  will be there for practice

As for me, I'll be in part of the weekend. Not sure exactly when but I miss you guys.
As usual, work is pretty crazy, but that's good.

Julia will be there, complaining as usual.

Hey, Crystal, how about you use some of those massive you-tube skills to upload some videos here? Or at least link them?

And Rachel, what happened to that schedule?

PLEASE NOTE: People who bring their push-up cards only have two circuits the first practice. Cardless people have three. I know you ALL forgot. Moo-ha-ha  (evil scientist laugh)

People who posted on this blog also have fewer circuits. Remember that next time - RONDA !