Thursday, October 27, 2011

Instructors for October 29 & 30

Gary Butts will be teaching on Saturday, October 29, including no-gi and grappling.

AnnMaria De Mars & Richard Elizalde will be teaching on Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm.

They will be teaching judo that you can use in grappling if you want to.

Drill day was fun but this time we will be doing a lot of transition, throwing into pins, and some grip-fighting just because we haven't done much of that lately, as well as foot techniques.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drill Day!

This Saturday has been proclaimed "Drill Day".
Come prepared to do - drills, duh! Here are a few of the many, many we will be doing:

Helicopter Drill : someone on the Judo Forum named it that, but we used to do it at Venice Dojo long ago. Put your weight on your opponent's back, spin fast in one direction. When the sensei yells "Switch!" spin fast in the other direction. When the sensei says "Hajime!" both of you attack.

Escape drill 1:
You all know this - one person is on his or her back and the other gets as close as possible without touching. On "Hajime!" the one on the bottom has 10 seconds to escape without getting pinned.

Escape drill 2: You're pinned. You have 25 seconds to escape. That is all.

Escape drill 3: You're pinned. Every time the coach yells "Switch!" the person on top has to switch to another pin. Try to get out. Don't wait until the coach says to switch. Try to get out from the very beginning. What is wrong with you?

Escape drill 4: You're on your back and the opponent has your arm. You have ten seconds to get away and he or she has ten seconds to try to armbar you.

Wrestler's roll: You are on all fours. Your partner as next to you. When the coach yells "Reach!" the partner reaches a hand over your back and you need to IMMEDIATELY, roll that person into a pin. [Bet you thought I was going to say Escape drill 5, didn't you?]

More drills to come ... watch this site..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saturday, October 15th practice only 2-6pm

We'll be competing at Heart Judo Tournament being held in Baldwin Park(Mojica-Esther Snyder Community Center) on Sunday, October 16th, so only Saturday practice. See you at Saturday practice and the tournament.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Practice on Saturday(2-6pm) and Sunday(3-6pm)

Hope all you enjoyed the grand opening last weekend and are ready for more this weekend.  See you there.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grand Opening - in Pictures

Here are just a few pictures from the many great learning opportunities on Saturday.

Sensei Victor teaching shoulder throws.

Tom Reusling (Gracie Barra Corona) and Daniel Valdez (Barstow Judo)hard at work.

Dr. Jake Flores teaching us all about gripping.

Ronda Rousey, assisted by Crystal Butts, demonstrating the correct hand positioning for the  Klaus Glahn choke and turnover.

You can also see a few more pictures and her personal take on the day at The Business/ Judo of Life , Dr. AnnMaria De Mar's blog.