Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Results and practice scheduled

Congratulations once again to Sensei Ronda Rousey for quick disposal of yet another opponent. Remember kids, please don't forget to tap.

Also here are some other current results:

Continental Crown(Seattle, WA)

Crystal Butts 2nd place in senior black belt division @ 57 kilos.

Erin Butts 1st place senior women's division at 44 kilos and 1st in the junior division at 44 kilos.

Eileen McNair, 1st place junior division and 4th place in the 13-16 year old senior division.

Grappler's Quest(Las Vegas, NV)

Nathan Navida, 2nd nogi and 3rd gi in advanced 10-12 year olds under 89.9 lbs

Christian Navida, 1st in gi in advanced 7-9 year olds under 69.9 lbs.

Mojica Tournament

Nathan Navida 1st under 92 lbs, 11-12 year olds. Also first in both 10-14 and 13-14 year olds under 92 lbs.

Joshua Reagan, 2nd under 92 lbs, 10-14 year old.

Christian Navida, 1st under 70 lbs 9-10 year old.

We also have practice scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. See you there.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Practice schedule for next 2 weekends

November 12 & 13, NO practice.

November 19 & 20, practice.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Headcount needed for Nov 5 and 6

Please let Gary-sensei or Carlo know via phone call or text if you will be able to attend either or both classes this weekend. Gary-sensei will decide by Wednesday night if there will be a class. A few of the regulars are going up to Seattle to compete in the Continental Crown Judo Tournament, so we are anticipating a low turnout that may require us to resume class the following weekend. Blinky-sensei will be running classes on both days if there are enough participants to make it worth his while to drive up. He is definitely worth your time. Thank you.

Two types of pain in life for you to choose from: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The choice is yours every weekend.