Friday, December 3, 2010

Practice in December

Obviously, we are not having practice on Christmas - duh , or the day after.

We'll be back to our regular time tomorrow. Everyone decided at the meeting last week that the current practice times - 2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday - worked well for them.
So December 4 - 2 pm, December 5 3 pm

NEXT Saturday December 11 is the --- drum roll please - Masters of Submission Event with Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, Richard Elizalde, Gary Butts, Sam Garcia and Ronda Rousey all teaching chokes and armbars. We didn't get a chance to ask Victor Ortiz yet but we're hoping he will be there, too.
We'll start at 1:30 because we are going to stop early at 5:30 to stuff ourselves with Christmas goodies.

Sunday  3 pm as always

December 18-19 regular times

December 25-26 - CHRISTMAS

December 28 -29 = Camp in San Diego. Everyone should go.