Monday, September 26, 2011


Check back regularly for news on the Grand Opening at our new location in Claremont on October 1st. Our plan is to have eight instructors teach for 30 minutes each to provide all visitors an opportunity to learn judo and some ideas for cross-training in jiu-jitsu and grappling as well. There are a few who have promised to try to make it but are unsure due to work commitments or who have not told us definitely what they will be teaching. Here are those who have confirmed definitely at this time:

Sensei Blinky Elizalde will be teaching foot techniques.
Dr. AnnMaria De Mars will be teaching arm bars.
Sensei Victor Ortiz, Ontario Judo will be teaching shoulder throws.
Ronda Rousey will be teaching chokes.
Gary Butts will be teaching techniques from no-gi grappling.
Tom Reusling of Gracie Barra Corona will be teaching jiu-jitsu

The new West Coast Judo Training Center is in a much larger location at 859 W. Foothill, Claremont, CA

The grand opening is from 2 - 6 pm.

For this special seminar, the cost is only $15 for USJA/JF, USA Judo members and $25 for non-members. The regular classes will continue to be $10/class for everybody who is a regular member.
Hope to see you there!

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