Thursday, July 11, 2013

July and August Schedule

Okay, hey, it's AnnMaria here and I apologize for being late publishing this. We met after the practice in San Marcos (thanks for having us, it was fun!) and put together a schedule for the next couple of months.

July 14 - No practice - California State Games ---- Good luck everyone!

July 20 - 10 am - 1 pm we are invited to practice with the Guerreros Judo Team at East Valley Boys and Girls Club, La Puente, CA

July 21 - Private/ semi-private lessons available with Sensei Blinky. Contact him to schedule.

July 28 -  Bellflower - AnnMaria, Blinky and Gary will all be teaching. Show up! I'll be there from 2-3:30 or so and then I have to run home. Blinky and Gary will be there from 3:30 - 6. I plan to do matwork NOT IN THE GUARD. It seems too many people focus on just one position and I think that is a weakness.

August 4 - Practice at Bellflower from 2-6 pm

August 11 - Private/ semi-private lessons available with Sensei Blinky. Contact him to schedule. This is also the day of the Nikkei Games

August 18 - Bellflower from 2-6 pm

Stay tuned because we will most likely have some guest instructors and be off visiting another club in August, but I did not post here because I still need to confirm. You'll just have to be wondering.....

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  1. I wanted to let everyone know that Sensei Blinky is still at Ogden Judo on Sunday afternoons conducting semi-private lessons. My daughter has gone for the last four weeks and her takedowns have rapidly improved. Sensei Blinky's insightful instruction reveals the underlying rationale for effective technique. His lessons have been eye opening. It would be great to see a few more people benefiting from his world class instruction.

    Class usually starts at 2:00, unless there is a tournament, in which case class will usually start at 4:00. Call Sensei Blinky to confirm the time.

    Hope to see you there